APA Interact January 12, 2022

January 12, 2022
Design thinking is a method that helps you to envision possible futures. In this Q&A, Thomas Fisher, the instructor of APA's new design thinking four-course series, discusses how design thinking is a valuable tool for planners and can be used in your planning practice. Get real-world examples of how design thinking is used in planning contexts and how it can be useful for a community facing a crisis. APA's new design thinking series begins January 26 and includes office hours with Fisher. Space is limited, free with registration for Passport subscribers.
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Mitigating cascading hazards

What are cascading hazards? Where are they more prevalent? And how can planners help prepare for and mitigate them at local, state, and federal levels of government? Expert Michael Greenberg, PhD, joins us to discuss these questions and more on the latest episode of the Resilience Roundtable podcast.
Economic Development
Planning in a remote and rural context

As with many remote communities, St. George Island, Alaska, has an economic history closely tied with injustice and single sector reliance. Through their 2020 Economic Development Strategy, see how community-led, culturally sensitive planning and strategy development is not only possible in small communities — it's incredibly impactful.
January 13: Register for the APA Sustainable Communities Division's symposium, 12–4 p.m. CST. Take a deep dive into member resources, climate migration, and how climate change is exacerbating inequities. CM available.

January 21: Register to explore the overlap between planning and architecture. Free event hosted by APA's Student Representatives Council. 2 p.m. CST

January 26: Live Design Thinking webinar series begins; last day to register for the four-part blended learning series.
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