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June 15, 2022
Baltimore's Planning Academy aims to overcome barriers to engagement, especially with members of underserved communities, by building stronger relationships between city planners and residents. The six-week program covers systemic racism, zoning, development, budgeting, and neighborhood plans. Since its inception, more than 100 residents have participated, representing 107 of Baltimore's neighborhoods. Learn how you can replicate the Academy in your community to improve engagement.
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Three questions for planning

What are the three questions you should ask yourself to create a good planning practice foundation? Learn what to ask yourself to strengthen the "why" for any planning idea. Applying this approach can help you lead a more inclusive decision-making process and ensure planning benefits and includes as many people as possible.
Expanding engagement with PLWD

Due to a variety of factors like reduced cognitive abilities and social stigma, millions of people living with dementia (PLWD) are often unable to access the processes that determine their built environment. This article from the Journal of the American Planning Association explores this understudied issue to determine the factors that either inhibit or facilitate engagement with the planning process for PLWD.
Planning for gender inclusivity

By using gender-inclusive language, planners can actively work to dismantle their biases, engage everyone in the planning process, and build an equitable experience for all. Here are nine ways you can advance gender inclusivity in your own community.

Celebrating Pride Month
June 15: Join the conversation at the Virtual Housing Summit hosted by APA Michigan to learn practical tools to understand hyperlocal housing market conditions and zoning reform. CM

June 28: Learn what's next after passing ADU reform in this webinar from Up for Growth and APA. 11 a.m. CT. CM

June 29–30: Learn how to transform the planning practice in APA Florida's "Upholding Equity in Planning: A Workshop for Advancing Urban Planning Principles." CM | Equity

July 11–29: Submit your experience for AICP certification. Use the pre-check resources to be ready when the assessment window opens.
APA's Jobs Online actively connects you to career opportunities within the profession in areas including transportation, hazard mitigation, economic development, community development, comprehensive planning, and communications and engagement.
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