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June 29, 2022
Hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities can be unsafe during a major flood, storm surge, or hurricane. These critical and essential facilities are not immune to flood hazards, but some have taken little to no action to mitigate flood risks. Learn how you can use land-use plans and zoning codes to keep the most vulnerable and fragile populations safe in the event of a dangerous flood. See how Boulder, Colorado; New York City; and several Florida cities and counties have updated land-use and development codes to better protect vulnerable populations.
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Actionable guidance on disaster recovery

Steward, facilitator, advocate. A planner can play many roles during the disaster recovery process to help restore community functions and prepare the community to withstand future hazards. The Post-Disaster Recovery Guide for Planners fills a gap in disaster recovery resources by providing hands-on, actionable guidance during the earliest stages of disaster recovery. Learn more on the roles you might adopt and how you can support the development and implementation of an interim recovery strategy for your community, regardless of disaster type or size.
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Making room for the river

Flood resilience spans many areas of planning, but the various plans can lack integration. Using the Dutch city of Nijmegen as a case study, the authors of this Journal of the American Planning Association article demonstrate that the Plan Integration for Resilience Scorecard (PIRS) is flexible and can be tailored to different community needs and administrative scales. The authors conclude that a network of plans can accommodate harmoniously both a national need for flood safety and a regional demand for development.
Partnering for flood resilience

Flooding is our nation's most common and costliest disaster. To help inform the work of state resilience practitioners and officials, APA has joined the State Resilience Partnership, a collaboration of 20 organizations that aims to advance resilience initiatives, educate officials on established and emerging practices, develop and promote research to incorporate resilience principles, and support efforts to reduce funding barriers.
Supporting LGBTQ+ communities

From embracing gender-inclusive language to creating the world's first transgender cultural district, supporting LGBTQ+ planners and residents is key to fostering equitable workplaces and communities. Hear from members of APA's LGBTQ and Planning Division as they talk community needs, what the profession can do to help, and how their identities impact their own work as planners.

Celebrating Pride Month
July 8: Deadline to submit a nomination for a National Planning Award.

July 11–29: Submit your experience for AICP certification. Use the pre-check resources to be ready when the application window opens.
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