APA Interact May 25, 2022

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May 25, 2022
Connect everyday destinations — stores, libraries, parks, restaurants — to activity-friendly routes to help improve small and rural community health. The Everyday Destination series by APA Research outlines 15 approaches to shape the built environment to encourage greater physical activity. Each approach details how to support walkability, collaborate with public health and community partners, and create equitable and inclusive outcomes.  
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Looking for grant funding to help support your efforts in small or rural communities to create a network of connected everyday destinations? Opportunities available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law include surface transportation block grants, rural surface transportation grants, and Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A). Learn more about the opportunities in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Rural Playbook.  
Lyrical cities
Seeking unfiltered feedback on the built environment? Michael Ford, AIA, NOMA, encourages you to look at hip hop lyrics. Ford speaking with NOMA President Jason Pugh, AICP, AIA, explained that hip hop lyrics offer “unsolicited, raw and uncensored, unfiltered critiques of the urban space.” Attendees at NPC22 heard Ford speak about engaging youth in the design professions through his Hip Hop Architecture Camps. Hear an extended conversation between Ford and Pugh about connecting culture to architecture and planning in this special People Behind the Plans podcast.  
Thanks to all who joined us in San Diego and online for NPC22. The distinct and unique conference experiences brought together nearly 5,000 attendees from around the world. Online conference session access is available through the end of the month. Or extend your access with a subscription to Passport.  
Learn the five key steps that planners and administrators can take to effectively address homelessness and housing affordability. ArcGIS provides the tools to make better, more justifiable decisions for housing policy development. Download the eBook to discover what ArcGIS can do for your community.  
May 26: Planning Information Exchange webinar “New Research on State Resilience Planning Practices,” presents recent findings on flood resilience plans that can inform future approaches. CM
June 7: Leverage community partnerships to encourage greater physical activity webinar by America Walks featuring APA Researchers Sagar Shah, PhD, AICP, and Jo Peña, AICP.  
June 10: Learn how to effectively target federal community development financing for sustainable infrastructure investments in this webinar hosted by APA’s Sustainable Communities Division. CM

What is Digital Government? Navigating a Purposeful Transformation to Modern Community Development
Is innovative technology crucial to solving your local government’s largest challenges? Digital government is more than possible — it can make operations more efficient, information and services more accessible, and communities more connected, both across departments and with the constituents they serve.
Get actionable advice for adopting online permitting & licensing, training customers, and overcoming obstacles to create safer, smarter, and more vibrant communities.   
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