APA Interact September 14, 2022

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September 14, 2022
Public transit, on-demand ride service, and shared micromobility trips are slowly trending upward again. As planners consider ways to link shared mobility options with transit services, mobility hubs offer one way to plan for the increasingly vital interconnections between urban and regional transportation systems. 

Learn how you can pursue a mix of land-use and transportation planning strategies to plan for mobility hubs that transform your community and help prioritize accessible, mobility-oriented development. Get more transportation inspiration at the online Policy and Advocacy Conference on how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law can invest in your community.
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RELATED: Dig into transportation, infrastructure, climate, and zoning reform at the 2022 online APA Policy and Advocacy Conference. Everyone is welcome. Register today!
Electric Vehicles
Gearing up for EV adoption

Significant advancements in battery storage and charging speed coupled with federal investments are paving the way for the mainstreaming of EVs across the country. Planners have an important role to play in ensuring necessary charging infrastructure grows in ways that will benefit their communities. Learn how to leverage the wider benefits of EV adoption, such as reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful forms of pollution, to make a positive impact at the local level.
Zoning Reform
5 Tips for repealing parking minimums

Communities of all sizes are launching zoning reform efforts to reduce or eliminate parking minimums. Read how the town of Sandpoint, Idaho, used parking reforms to boost economic development and housing production. Get five tips for bringing zoning reform to your own community in this article from Planning.
Federal Support
Investing in communities

Federal funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) is one source of financial support helping communities rebound from COVID. See how Providence, Rhode Island's new economic development strategy integrates arts and culture into the community. Learn more about federal funding options at the upcoming online Policy and Advocacy Conference.
Outstanding, students!

Congrats to the 45 planning students from PAB-accredited planning programs on receiving the 2022 APA Outstanding Student Award. This award recognizes outstanding attainment in the study of planning. Each program is eligible to submit selections. Well done!

Download Esri's Planning Guide
Learn the five key steps that planners and administrators can take to effectively address homelessness and housing affordability. ArcGIS provides the tools to make better, more justifiable decisions for housing policy development. Download the eBook to discover what ArcGIS can do for your community.
September 27: Understand the true vulnerability of key infrastructure systems and how these can impact a community's resilience in the "Lost in Planning: Interdependent Vulnerabilities and Compounding Climate Threats" webinar. CM

September 28–29: Get guidance on the latest legislative policies and strategies. Register to attend APA's online Policy and Advocacy Conference. CM

September 30: Student Symposium Leadership will help emerging planners focus on mindfulness, self-care, and mental health as foundations for successful leadership. Hosted by APA's Student Representatives Council. Free. Registration required.

October 3–28: Registration for the fall AICP certification cycle opens; use the AICP Eligibility Pre-Check resources to see if you are eligible.

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