APA Interact September 21, 2022

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September 21, 2022
Learn about five federal funding opportunities available to planners right now that were created with the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL). The funding supports climate change and resilience; transit, active transportation, and pedestrian safety; regional planning; and emerging needs and technology. The passage of this legislation is the largest direct federal investment in community planning. But hurry! Funding application deadlines are approaching.
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RELATED: Learn more about federal funding opportunities at the 2022 online APA Policy and Advocacy Conference. Everyone is welcome. Register today!
Reconnecting Communities
Rectify harm from highway construction

At least $1 billion over a five-year period is available for the Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program that aims to rectify harm caused by highway construction. More than one million people have been displaced by highway construction since 1956. Buffalo, New York, Dallas, and Seattle are all working toward reuniting communities.
Boosting broadband access

As states continue to allocate relief funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), many are using the federal resources to expand equitable broadband access. Learn how communities like yours are using ARPA funding to address local infrastructure needs, spark economic development, and bridge the digital divide.
Heritage, housing, and health

After years of advocating, residents of San Diego's Barrio Logan secured a neighborhood plan that tackles environmental justice and affordable housing — all while celebrating the community's vibrant history of Indigenous and Hispanic tradition and culture. Read how planning helped to center community voices in this long-awaited plan for one of San Diego's prominent Mexican-American communities.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Download Esri's Planning Guide
Learn the five key steps that planners and administrators can take to effectively address homelessness and housing affordability. ArcGIS provides the tools to make better, more justifiable decisions for housing policy development. Download the eBook to discover what ArcGIS can do for your community.
Redefining vulnerability

Resiliency depends on reliability. Understanding the true vulnerability of key infrastructure systems and how it can impact community resilience makes it possible to curtail expensive, unplanned, and reactive responses to hazards. Learn how predictive algorithms can be used to generate more comprehensive vulnerability assessments and prioritize sustainable hazard mitigation in "Lost in Planning: Interdependent Vulnerabilities and Compounding Climate Threats," on September 27. Free. Registration required. CM
September 20–October 12: Submit your session proposal for the 2023 National Planning Conference.

September 27: Understand the true vulnerability of key infrastructure systems and how these can impact a community's resilience in the webinar, "Lost in Planning: Interdependent Vulnerabilities and Compounding Climate Threats"

September 28–29: Get guidance on the latest legislative policies and strategies. Register to attend APA's online Policy and Advocacy Conference. CM

September 30: Student Leadership Symposium will help emerging planners focus on mindfulness, self-care, and mental health as foundations for successful leadership. Hosted by APA's Student Representatives Council. Free. Registration required.

October 3–28: Registration for the fall AICP certification cycle opens; use the AICP Eligibility Pre-Check resources to see if you are eligible.

Preserve affordable housing. Protect neighborhood character
with Granicus

Short-term rentals causing concerns in your community? You're not alone. Granicus helps over 400 communities across the country tackle short-term rental related challenges, from developing strategic ordinances to identifying problem operators.
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