APA Interact September 28, 2022

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September 28, 2022
Jump in and get the latest on federal funding opportunities and policies that relate to zoning reform, climate change, and infrastructure. Connect with your fellow planners and amplify the planning profession's voice.

There is still time to register and join in the online 2022 Policy and Advocacy Conference. The conference is designed with every planner in mind.
RELATED: Bookmark this federal funding resource from APA, illustrating the opportunities for direct funding to communities to support planning efforts. Application deadlines are approaching soon!
Hispanic, Latino, Latina, or Latinx?

Usage of the terms Hispanic, Latino/a, and Latinx has evolved over time and can differ depending on context. By understanding the complex ethnic and racial identities of Hispanic and Latin/o/a/x people, planners can more effectively work with this community to address issues like exclusionary zoning and environmental or economic inequality. Learn more about the nuances of Spanish-speaking identities — and which terms are appropriate in planning contexts.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month
APA Foresight
Role of planners and AI

One of the biggest expected disruptors of the 21st century is artificial intelligence (AI). Its impact will be felt in the economy, built environment, throughout society, and across all professions — including the planning profession. What do you need to know about AI? Learn how to be proactive and contribute to the development of AI-based tools and their shortcomings in this new AI and Planning whitepaper from APA's foresight practice.

Download Esri's Planning Guide
Learn the five key steps that planners and administrators can take to effectively address homelessness and housing affordability. ArcGIS provides the tools to make better, more justifiable decisions for housing policy development. Download the eBook to discover what ArcGIS can do for your community.
Create your professional foundation

Emerging planners will learn how to start building a solid foundation for their career development on September 30 in this free webinar hosted by APA's Student Representatives Council. Learn how to identify opportunities for leadership and professional development, connect with fellow emerging planners, and employ mindfulness and self-care practices. Join Samorn Selim, CEO and creative joy director of Career Unicorns for these and more insightful tips. Free with registration.
September 30: Student Symposium Leadership will help emerging planners focus on mindfulness, self-care, and mental health as foundations for successful leadership. Hosted by APA's Student Representatives Council. Free. Registration required.

October 3–28: Registration for the fall AICP certification cycle opens; use the AICP Eligibility Pre-Check resources to see if you are eligible.

October 12: Submit your session proposal for the 2023 National Planning Conference.

October 19: Learn different approaches, considerations, and emerging best practices in the "Creating Policy for Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure" webinar by APA's Sustainable Communities Division. CM

Preserve affordable housing. Protect neighborhood character
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Short-term rentals causing concerns in your community? You're not alone. Granicus helps over 400 communities across the country tackle short-term rental related challenges, from developing strategic ordinances to identifying problem operators.
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