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Rural Projects Coordinator (RARE AmeriCorps Member)

Resource Assistance for Rural Environments at the University of Oregon

Rural, OR United States

How to Apply
URL: https://rare.uoregon.edu/application-process/member-application-process/apply-now-member/


***The job says the site is Eugene, but successful applicants will be embedded in rural communities across the state of Oregon***


We are looking for enthusiastic candidates with a strong desire to utilize and develop interpersonal skills for community outreach and group facilitation, serve rural areas, and make a difference! 

  • Skills: Demonstrated competence in the following skill areas, either through course work, work/volunteer experience, or lived experience: 
  • Relationships: Inter-personal relationship management (ability to maintain good relationships and work through conflict) 
  • Teamwork: Working effectively in a team environment 
  • Project/Process Management: Project and/or process management (ability to remain organized and on track with projects or processes) 
  • Technical Skills: Technical skills, including but not limited to the following: data collection, analysis, and representation; large document creation; grant writing; website development; policy analysis (Note: the technical skills needed vary greatly depending on the placement, but in general, these are the most common technical skills we see represented in placements) 
  • Communication ability: Demonstrated competence in the following communication skill areas, either through course work, work/volunteer experience, or lived experience: 
  • Written Communication: Ability to convey messages clearly and succinctly through a variety of written formats, including longer reports, shorter memos, and social media 
  • Verbal Communication: Ability to convey messages clearly and compellingly through speaking) 
  • Graphic Communication: Ability to convey messages clearly and compellingly through pictures, drawings, diagrams, etc.) 
  • Service motivation: Demonstrated commitment to volunteerism and service to communities, either through course work, work experience, formal and informal volunteer experience, or lived experience. 
  • Ability to create inclusive spaces: Demonstrated ability to work effectively with diverse groups of people in a variety of settings in such a way that all perspectives, but particularly the perspectives of those who have been historically marginalized, feel included. 
  • Commitment to rural community development: Demonstrated commitment or desire to support and elevate rural communities to foster resilience and sustained economic, social, and environmental vitality. 
  • Ability to match community placement needs: The needs of RARE's community placements change each year (based on the communities who apply to host RARE members). Therefore, part of our member selection process each year considers alignment between our applicants' skills, abilities, and interests, and our communities' specific needs for the upcoming service year. 

Eligibility and Qualifications: Some of the eligibility requirements are set at the federal level and apply to all AmeriCorps State and National programs, while other requirements are specific to the RARE AmeriCorps Program.  

AmeriCorps is open to U.S. citizens, nationals, or lawful permanent resident aliens. AmeriCorps State and National members must be age 17 or older. An individual may serve up to four AmeriCorps State and National service terms. All individuals must complete a criminal history check. Individuals who have been convicted of murder and those who are required to register on a sex offender public registry are not eligible to serve in AmeriCorps.  

For the RARE AmeriCorps Program, you will need to hold a bachelor's degree and demonstrate applied community experience as well as coursework or equivalent experience in three or more of the following areas: planning or statistical analysis, planning or economic theory, project management, community or economic development, environmental planning, geographic information systems, and grant writing. 

More information about our application process


RARE AmeriCorps projects typically fall into three broad categories: 

Community and Economic Development 

  • Assisting rural entrepreneurs in the development of business plans 
  • Completing economic development plans for local, county, and regional governmental entities 
  • Coordinating the development of a downtown master plan 
  • Completing parks and recreation master plan 
  • Promoting health and wellness initiatives by creating community resources and programming 
  • Engaging a community in creative placemaking and installing murals 
  • Developing recreation assets to support economic recovery in wildfire-impacted communities 

Environmental and Sustainability Planning 

  • Coordinating an array of watershed enhancement projects 
  • Designing a citizen involvement program for a watershed council 
  • Creating a rural solar outreach strategy 
  • Developing a Climate Action Plan for regional tourism organizations 

Community Food Security/Food Systems 

  • Creating community food assessments and tribal food sovereignty assessments 
  • Enhancing local farmers’ markets and food related business activities 
  • Developing regional agritourism food trails 
  • Coordinating partners in creation of a regional food hub 
  • Conducting community engagement and outreach regarding nutrition and local food sourcing 


  • Opportunity to build community and make a tangible impact in rural Oregon. 
  • Living Stipend/Monthly: $2,300 
  • Personal Professional Development Fund of $300 
  • Medical Insurance: If eligible, we will provide medical insurance.  
  • Possible Childcare Benefits: If eligible, childcare benefits are available. 
  • Segal Educational Award: At the successful completion of 11 months (1,700 hours) of service, RARE AmeriCorps members are eligible to receive an educational award of $7,395. 
  • Student Loan Forbearance 
  • Training in Community Development, Grant Writing, Communication, Land Use, Economic Development, Facilitation, Leadership, etc. (valued at ~$4000) 
  • Nine Graduate Credits: Each RARE AmeriCorps member will be eligible for 9 graduate credits from the University of Oregon’s Master of Community & Regional Planning, Master of Public Administration, or Master of Nonprofit Management program. (Other university programs may or may not accept the credits). 
  • In-state Tuition: If a member is moving to Oregon, after the successful completion of their service they will be eligible for in-state tuition. 

Placements will be in various rural communities across Oregon. More information on current members. Serve rural for a better you and a greater us! 

Term of service:  

Service Year 31: September 2024 - July 2025 

The deadline to apply is 11:59 PM on Sunday, April 28th.  

Apply now!  


Visit our member FAQ page or contact our Program Coordinator, Liz Gronert, at  

541-357-6129 or rare@uoregon.edu


The RARE AmeriCorps Program is committed to an ongoing learning process around privilege, power, inequality, and systems of oppression. RARE is working towards making our program welcoming to, inclusive of, and accessible to communities who are under-represented as planners and systems thinkers in Oregon, including women, Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), LGBTQIA+ individuals, low-income individuals, and immigrants. 

Experience Level
Entry (0-1 year)
AICP Level
Community or Neighborhood Development
Salary Range
$2,300/month living stipend

Contact Information