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    • Surprise, AZ, Integrated Water Master Plan

      Adopted 2015
      by: ,
      This plan provides a long-term guidance document for the orderly improvement and growth of Surprise’s water supply portfolio and drinking water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and groundwater recharge infrastructure.
      Surprise, AZ
    • Milwaukee, WI, Metropolitan Sewerage District Regional Green Infrastructure Plan

      Adopted 2013
      by: Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, Wisconsin,
      The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s regional green infrastructure plan focuses on the systematic implementation of widespread green infrastructure as a part of MMSD's 2035 Vision.
      Milwaukee County, WI
    • Pomona, CA, Integrated Water Supply Plan

      Adopted 2011
      This plan addresses potable and non-potable water demand of Pomona through 2035 and aims to meet the State of California's water challenges.
      Pomona, CA
    • Colorado Water Plan

      Adopted 2015
      This plan articulates collaborative, balanced solutions to Colorado’s water challenges. It implements water supply planning solutions that meet Colorado’s future water needs while supporting the environment, the economy, and sustainability.
    • California Water Plan

      Adopted 2013
      This strategic plan guides investment priorities, legislative action, and ensures resilient and sustainable water resources in the state of California.
    • Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District Water Resource Management Plan

      Adopted 2017
      This Water Resource Management Plan (Plan) presents an integrated approach to water resource management for the 15-county Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District (the District).
      Bartow County, GA
    • Pennsylvania Lake Erie Watershed Integrated Water Resources Management Plan

      The plan provides information for agency staff and watershed organizations that supports informed decision-making and guidance regarding water resource management.
      Erie County, PA
    • Greater New Orleans, LA, Urban Water Plan

      Adopted 2013
      The Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan focuses on developing sustainable strategies for managing water resources.
      Orleans Parish, LA
    • Yakima River Basin, WA, Integrated Water Resource Management Plan

      Adopted 2012
      This plan addresses current and anticipated future threats to the Yakima River Basin’s water security.
      Yakima County, WA
    • Broward County, FL, Integrated Water Resource Plan

      Adopted 2009
      The Broward County-wide Integrated Water Resource Plan (IWRP) meets the needs of Broward’s water users to coordinate the sources and users of water for effective, efficient and sustainable water management.
      Broward County, FL

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