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    • Smart City Digital Twins Are a New Tool for Scenario Planning

      Digitalization and virtual simulation of entire cities can help planners experiment with solutions to meet complex problems.
      by: Petra Hurtado, PhD, Alexsandra Gomez       April 01, 2021
      Many plans and policies would benefit from undergoing a test stage before implementation. Up until now, the options to do so have been fairly limited. Smart city digital twins promise to change that by allowing planners to explore solutions in a controlled environment that mimics the real city.
    • Extended Reality for Planning

      PAS QuickNotes 98
      by: Jennifer Mendez       March 01, 2022
      This edition of PAS QuickNotes explores the ways in which planners can use extended reality (XR) for many different aspects of planning work, including visualizations with real-world context, community engagement with vulnerable populations, and planning scenario design.
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    • Exploratory Scenarios to Prepare for Uncertainty

      Learn how to use exploratory scenario planning, a tool to help you engage with a range of stakeholders and prepare for emerging future trends.
      • Robert Goodspeed, AICP
      • Brett Fusco
      • Heather Sauceda Hannon, AICP
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    • Engaging the Future: Forecasts, Scenarios, Plans, and Projects

      by: Lewis Hopkins, FAICP, Marisa Zapata
      This book presents a collection of essays on scenario planning and other deliberative planning tools.
    • Getting Scenario-Building Right

      Planning, November 2001
      by: Uri Avin, FAICP, Jane Dember
      This article introduces the concept of scenario-building in the context of local and regional planning.
    • Exploratory Scenario Planning

      The Commissioner, Winter 2014
      by: Hannah Oliver
      This article defines the concept of exploratory scenario planning and highlights two examples of exploratory scenario planning initiatives.
    • Robust Plans and Contingent Plans: Scenario Planning for an Uncertain World

      Journal of the American Planning Association, 77(3): 251-266, 2011
      by: Arnab Chakraborty, AICP, Nikhil Kaza, Gerrit Knaap
      This article discusses how planners can integrate uncertainty into scenario planning.
    • Scenario Planning for Urban Planners: Toward a Practitioners Guide

      Journal of the American Planning Association, 81(1): 18-29, 2015
      by: Arnab Chakraborty, AICP, Andrew McMillan
      This article presents a typology of scenario planning practices.
    • How to Design Your Scenario Planning Process

      PAS Memo — July-August 2019
      by: Janae Futrell, AICP       July 01, 2019
      The July-August 2019 PAS Memo guides planners through the steps of scenario planning process design and includes a workbook to help create a roadmap for a scenario planning effort.
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    • Using Exploratory Scenarios in Planning Practice

      Journal of the American Planning Association, 86(4): 403-416, 2020
      by: Uri Avin, FAICP, Robert Goodspeed, AICP
      This article explores how planners can use exploratory scenario planning in different types of planning processes.
    • Exploratory Scenario Planning for Climate In-Migration: A Guide for Cities in the Great Lakes Region

      August 2022
      by: Nicholas Rajkovich, Terry Schwarz
      This guide describes exploratory scenario planning techniques for cities to use, focused on climate migration.
    • How to Use Exploratory Scenario Planning (XSP)

      August 2020
      by: Jeremy Stapleton
      This report is a resource for those interested in using scenario planning at a local, regional or organizational level.
    • Insights Into the Scenario Planning Methodology

      by: Cody Davidson
      This briefing paper reviews how various organizations have used scenario planning and shares lessons learned from international practice.
    • Interactive Fundamentals of Scenario Planning

      Presented in partnership with The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. This three-part course will introduce you to Scenario Planning methods and tools. Learn how to implement a fully-featured planning process with dynamically responsive plans to react to unexpected changes.
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    • Exploratory Scenario Planning for Uncertain Futures

      by: Emma Colley
      Uncovering JAPA: How can planners best use exploratory planning scenarios?
    • 6 Tips to Map an Uncertain Future

      Exploratory scenario planning is a powerful tool for long-range planning.
      August 01, 2020
      Exploratory scenario planning provides a tool that addresses uncertainty and fosters consideration of the interconnections between issues.
    • Best-Case Scenario Planning

      Incorporating AV and other technology into plans.
      May 01, 2018
      Change and uncertainty — from technology to climate change to shifts in the economy — are disrupting the planning tradition of mid- and long-range forecasts. Scenario planning can be a powerful tool for incorporating uncertainty.
    • Tech for Scenario Planning

      October 01, 2019
      Scenario planning has grown in acceptance and impact over the past decade, fueled in part by innovations in software.
    • The Commissioner — December 2014

      December 01, 2014
      In this PDF of The Commissioner's December 2014 issue: "Exploratory Scenario Planning," "Reducing Bias on Zoning Boards," "Wetlands Wisdom," and more.
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