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    • Planning and Equity: A Commitment to Change

      September 2021
      This web page provides information about and a link to a pledge that planning directors have made to correct past harms and work to create equitable, inclusive communities.
    • National Equity Atlas

      This website presents equity indicators and extensive analysis for the 100 largest cities, 150 largest metropolitan areas, each state, and the U.S. as a whole.
    • Partnership for Southern Equity

      Updated 2019
      This web page shares the work of Partnership for Southern Equity, a non-profit organization that has stood at the forefront of promoting balanced growth and shared prosperity in the Atlanta metropolitan region.
    • Closing Equity Gaps in DC’s Wards and Neighborhoods

      This web page allows users to view 17 different equity indicators for DC wards or neighborhoods and compare them with the city.
    • Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

      Updated 2019
      This web page shares the work of the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative.
    • The Davidoff Tapes Project

      Updated 2019
      This web page addresses a gap in the contemporary urban planning literature related to the life and work of Paul Davidoff.
    • PolicyLink

      Updated 2019
      This web page features resources on the topic of racial and economic equity from PolicyLink.
    • Metro Atlanta Equity Atlas

      Updated 2019
      This web page contains access and opportunity data for the Atlanta region.
    • National Congress of American Indians

      Updated 2019
      This web page shares information and resources about and for the American Indian and Alaska Native population.
    • Center for Social Inclusion

      This web page shares resources for communities, governments, and other institutions to address structural racism by the Center for Social Inclusion.
    • CNU: Equity

      Updated 2019
      This web page describes Congress for the New Urbanism’s stance on equity and provides links to their work on this issue.
    • Local and Regional Government Alliance on Race & Equity

      Updated 2019
      This web page supports local and regional governments in addressing racial equity.
    • The Unity Council

      Updated 2019
      This web page contains information about The Unity Council, a nonprofit community development organization that works in the Fruitvale District of Oakland, California.
    • EPA: Equitable Development and Environmental Justice

      Updated March 2019
      This web page describes the relationship between environmental justice and equitable development.
    • Spatial Equity Data Tool

      November 2021
      This web page contains links to a tool that allows users to upload national-, state-, county-, and city-scale data sets to identify spatial and demographic disparities.
    • Upward Mobility Framework

      This website details a framework and methodology on how to boost upward mobility for local communities.
    • T-RACES: Testbed for the Redlining Archives of California's Exclusionary Spaces

      This web page chronicles the history of redlining and the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC).
    • Equity Diversity Inclusion

      APA has made a focused commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in all forms, as a means to achieving thriving communities in which everyone has equal opportunity to live a safe, healthy and prosperous life.
    • AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

      The full text of the AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct as revised in 2021.
    • Equity in Practice

      The Equity in Practice case studies elevate how planners are applying equity to all facets of planning. The case studies highlight how planning can create more equitable and just communities.
    • Plan4Health

      Coalitions made up of APA chapters, APHA affiliate groups, and others will work to set a new paradigm for healthy planning. By leveraging complementary expertise and influence, this project seeks to expand innovative tactics to addressing tough problems.

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