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    • Urban Heat Resilience

      PAS QuickNotes 95
      by: Ladd Keith, Sara Meerow
      This edition of PAS QuickNotes explains national trends in extreme heat and describes how planners can enhance urban heat resilience for their communities through planning and implementing heat mitigation and management strategies.
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    • Keeping Your Cool: How Communities Can Reduce the Heat Island Effect

      November 2014
      This fact sheet gives an overview of how local efforts can help mitigate the effects of urban heat islands.
    • Cooling Cities with Green Space

      February 2018
      by: Judy Bush
      This compendium of fact sheets provides an overview of how green spaces can help mitigate urban heat island effects.
    • Smart Growth and Urban Heat Islands

      EPA 430-F-03-001, 2001
      This fact sheet outlines how smart growth can help mitigate urban heat island effects.

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