Boulder County, CO, Environmental Sustainability Plan

Updated August 2018


Solar Energy

This functional plan supports expanding solar use on all county buildings and describes the county's existing solar energy installations. Chapter 4 of the plan is focused on Energy and Buildings. A short term strategy for the county is to expand solar to county buildings (pg. 85).

The plan includes metrics including when the county started installing solar PV systems (2008) and how many kW of solar panels have been installed on county buildings (900kW as of June 2012) (pg. 84).

The county has also featured solar on Josephine Commons, a new affordable housing development for seniors and low-income families (pg. 90).

The plan includes details on the energy upgrades at the Boulder County Jail which includes the installation of a 99.75 kW PV system in 2010 and the addition of a solar hot water system in 2012 (pg. 92).

Boulder, CO

2010 Population: 294,567

2010 Population Density: 405.58/square mile