Loudoun County, VA, Zoning Ordinance



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Agritourism | Food Systems

The county’s zoning ordinances addresses agritourism. It allows for a broad range of rural economy uses, including tourism related to agricultural uses, in the Agricultural Rural districts (§2-100).

The code defines a number of agritourism-related terms, including agriculture support and services directly associated with on-going agricultural activity, onsite; agritainment; and farm-based tourism (Article 8).

The code provides standards for several use types, including agriculture support uses associated with agriculture (§5-627), agriculture support uses not directly associated with agriculture (§5-630), commercial wineries (§5-625), and farm-based tourism (§5-628). Standards address site size, parking, hours of operation, minimum lot areas, maximum structure size, setbacks, buffers, access, exterior lighting, and other elements.

The county’s department of economic development maintains a webpage highlighting the county’s farms and agricultural businesses.

Solar Energy

Solar power panels are permitted accessory uses in residential zoning districts (Sec. 5-101.A.16).

Loudoun, VA

2010 Population: 312,311

2010 Population Density: 605.77/square mile