Albuquerque/Bernalillo County, NM, Comprehensive Plan

solar energy

In the city's comprehensive plan, energy is addressed in the Community Resource Management subsection of the plan. The introductory section of the plan notes that alternative and renewable energy sources can be used for all development, and estimates that 55% of single-family dwellings in the county and 69% in the city have solar retrofit potential; it recommends that future development layouts be solar oriented both for renewable energy use and energy conservation opportunities (pp. I-65, I-66).

In the Goals and Policies section of the plan, a land-use policy calls for limiting significantly larger structures to Major Activity Centers to preserve vistas and solar access elsewhere in the area (p. II-39). The goal of the Energy Management section is to use energy management techniques and alternative and renewable energy sources (p. II-77). One related policy is to encourage efficient and economic use of renewable energy sources such as solar and others; possible techniques include advocating for financial incentive programs for solar hot water heater installations and installing alternative energy demonstration projects in government buildings (p. II-78). Another policy is to undertake land use planning that maximizes use of renewable energy sources; possible techniques including certifying compliance with local solar access provisions and encouraging housing design and orientation that takes advantage of solar energy (p. II-78).

Albuquerque, NM

2010 Population: 545,852

2010 Population Density: 2,907.64/square mile

Bernalillo, NM

2010 Population: 662,564

2010 Population Density: 570.77/square mile