Hoboken, NJ, Reexamination Report


solar energy

The city's reexamination report serves to revisit the master plan. Though the 2004 master plan does not address solar or renewable energy, the reexamination report does so briefly.

The first section identifies problems and objectives related to land development from the 2004 master plan, and under a sustainability objective relating to zoning and redevelopment planning notes that a solar energy systems ordinance is under city review (p. 24).

The second section notes changes in assumptions, policies, and objectives since 2004, and the plan highlights the overarching concept of sustainability as a new driver as well as changes to state land use legislation supporting solar energy development (pp. 28, 29).

The third section recommends changes to the master plan. Under "Utility Services - Energy," the plan lists exploring energy-related financial mechanisms such as renewable energy incentives, as well as encouraging technological advances in energy generation, including solar, in all public and private development (p. 39).

Hoboken, NJ

2010 Population: 50,005

2010 Population Density: 39,219.61/square mile