Fairfax County, VA, Code of Ordinances

Updated February 2023

By: County of Fairfax

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Table of Contents

Integrated Water Resource Managment

The county's stormwater management code protects property, state waters, stream channels, and other natural resources from the potential harm of illicit discharges of pollutants and unmanaged stormwater (§124). It defines the requirements for managing stormwater and the procedures to be administered and enforced in conjunction with the County's MS4 program and erosion and sediment control program.  It defines requirements for Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and Stormwater Management Plans.

This ordinance is enacted pursuant to the authority and mandates of the Virginia Stormwater Management Act, Article 2.3 of Chapter 3.1 of Title 62.1 of the Virginia Code , the Virginia Stormwater Management Program Regulation (9VAC25-870 et seq.), and Chapter 21 of Title 15.2 of the Virginia Code (§§ 15.2-2100, 15.2-2109, 15.2-2122).

Shared Mobility

The county’s codified ordinance regulates the operation of shared micromobility devices offered within the jurisdiction (§86). It contains definitions, permit and certificates requirements, general requirements and standards, report requirements for shared mobility devices. 

Tree Preservation and the Urban Forest 

The county’s tree conservation code establishes tree preservation and planting requirements for private property (§122). It addresses 10-year tree canopy requirements for different land uses, tree preservation requirements, tree planting requirements, tree banking, exemptions and modifications, tree conservation plans, monitoring and inspections, violations and penalties, appeals, and definitions. 

Fairfax, VA

2010 Population: 1,081,726

2010 Population Density: 2,766.78/square mile