Saint Paul, MN, Code of Ordinances

Updated November 2019

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Creative Placemaking

The city’s administrative code recognizes the importance of public art in planning and development decisions and identifies methods to incorporate creative placemaking. It establishes a funding source for public art (§12.03) and requires that preparation of plans or major capital investment projects includes a public artist (§12.04).

Historic Preservation

The city’s codified ordinances establish a Heritage Preservation Commission (§73.01-09) and design guidelines for five Heritage Preservation Districts (§74.01-112). The Heritage Preservation Commission has the power to review applications for historic use variance, designation, and permits. Each Heritage Preservation District has an Article that contains a description of the characteristics of property in the district as well as unique design guidelines for new construction and for restoration and rehabilitation. Article I shares design guidelines for specific historic sites.

St. Paul, MN

2010 Population: 285,068

2010 Population Density: 5,484.29/square mile