San Pablo, CA, General Plan 2030

Adopted April 2011

By: City of San Pablo

Table of Contents


Built Environment and Health

The city’s comprehensive plan examines the relationship between planning and public health in its Health chapter. It identifies four key themes that structure the guiding and implementing policies:

  1. Healthy transportation and physical activity
  2. Healthy food access and equity
  3. Access to services and planning for people first
  4. Crime reduction and perceptions of safety

Table 8.2-1 explores the relationship between health and the other plan elements. After each list of policies, there is a small table showing what elements are most clearly related to that theme, alongside corresponding policies.

Food Systems

The Health element of the city's general plan includes healthy food access as one of four main themes. Section 8.5 in the element addresses healthy food access and equity; the goal is to increase access to healthy and affordable food options through creating a healthy, balanced, functional, and equitable food system for the community. Implementing policies include creating a Health Commission and a Food Policy Council to advise the city council as to solutions to improve local food systems, as well as range of other policies promoting the retail and production of healthy food and programs to connect various community groups to healthy local food sources.

San Pablo, CA

2010 Population: 29,139

2010 Population Density: 11,062.64/square mile