Parachute, CO, Municipal Code

Adopted 2004

By: Town of Parachute, Colorado
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Integrated Water Resource Managment

Parachute’s code creates a watershed district to protect the town’s waterworks and water supply (Ch 9.15).  The code establishes prohibited activities within the district, included excavation, grading, filling, or surfacing; removal of vegetation; timber harvesting; and surface or subsurface mining operations.  It also addresses permitted that require notification, including stock grazing and road maintenance.  The code establishes a review committee which reviews, regulates, implements, enforces, and permits activities in the district. The Town’s review authority is exercised concurrently with the authority of Garfield County or any other government entity for the purposes of permits and reviews.




Garfield, CO

2010 Population: 56,389

2010 Population Density: 19.13/square mile

Parachute, CO

2010 Population: 1,085

2010 Population Density: 674.75/square mile