Frederick, MD, Code of Ordinances

Updated February 2023

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Age-Friendly Communities

The city’s zoning code supports Age Restricted Community Development (ARCD) (§412). This approach is compatible with the community’s comprehensive plan, promoting diverse residential development for older adults.

Integrated Water Resource Managment

The city’s code of ordinances addresses water and sewer allocation and impact fees for new developments (Article XI).  The city imposes impact fees on every new development inside or outside of the city for which water or sewer capacity are provided.  The fees are imposed in conjunction with allocation of water capacity and sewer capacity and the city may impose additional fees after the project has been permitted based on future need for water and sewer capacity. The ordinance also establishes a Water and Sewer Service Committee panel for review of proposed developments for water allocation purposes.

The ordinance defines categories of allocation and available capacity. This regulation ensures that adequate water and sewer capacity are available for the land uses within the city. It facilitates orderly growth and the implementation of Frederick’s comprehensive plan. It also ensures that new development pays for its appropriate share of capital improvements to the city's water and sewer treatment and distribution systems.

Frederick, MD

2010 Population: 65,239

2010 Population Density: 2,966.76/square mile