San Luis Obispo County, CA, General Plan

Adopted 1998, revised 2006 and 2010


Farmland Protection

The county general plan’s Agricultural Element addresses farmland protection. The mission statement of this optional element to the general plan is to Identify those areas of the county with productive farms, ranches and soils, and establish goals, policies and implementation measures that will enable their long-term stability and productivity. Four goals address supporting agricultural production, conserving agricultural resources, protecting agricultural lands, and encouraging public education and participation.  The plan explains why the county wishes to protect agricultural lands and examines issues facing ag lands.

Under the goal of protecting agricultural lands (Goal AG3), subgoals address establishing ag land divisions to promote farm viability, protecting ag lands from inappropriate conversion to non-ag uses, strengthening the county’s agricultural preserve program, and incentivizing productive agricultural uses.

Policies regarding the protection of agricultural lands (Policies ACP14–24) address encouraging participation in the county’s agricultural preserve program, use of a voluntary transfer of development credits program, supporting agricultural land conservation programs, requiring agricultural buffers, locating new development so as to protect agricultural land, consolidating public and private land holdings, preference for agricultural cluster land divisions and projects, establishment of minimum parcel sizes for agricultural land division, and discouraging the conversion of ag lands to non-ag uses.

San Luis Obispo, CA

2010 Population: 269,637

2010 Population Density: 81.74/square mile