Genesee County, NY, Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan


By: Genesee County, NY

Farmland Protection

The county’s farmland protection plan was originally adopted in 2001 and updated for 2017. The plan describes past planning efforts in the county and describes public outreach conducted for the update, inventories existing agricultural conditions and current economics of farming in the county, and offers a SWOT analysis of agricultural opportunities and challenges. The plan sets 4 goals for agriculture in the county: retaining prime farmland for ag use, reinforcing the value of farming as an economic activity, providing the modern infrastructure needed for a successful ag economy, and educating and engaging consumers. It offers a detailed implementation matrix listing priority level, funding needs, timeframe, and partners for action steps, and identifies four priority projects for the county to pursue in support of agriculture.

Genesee, NY

2010 Population: 60,079

2010 Population Density: 121.88/square mile