Person County, NC, Farmland Preservation Plan

Adopted June 6, 2016

By: Person County, NC

Farmland Protection

This farmland preservation plan for a county within two hours of the Raleigh-Durham metropolitan area focuses on developing home-grown agribusiness and agritourism enterprises to build a foundation for the local economy. The plan explores the challenges and opportunities for agriculture in the county and looks at specific crops and activities within the farming sector. An action plan designates responsible entities and implementation timeline for action items in a number of areas, including integrating ag economic development into county government, educating new farmers, enabling agriculture-supporting planning, developing agricultural infrastructure, growing agritourism, promoting land protection, expanding agricultural outreach and marketing, expanding forestry opportunities, providing networking and education to farmers, and facilitating farm transitions.

Person, NC

2010 Population: 39,464

2010 Population Density: 100.59/square mile