Isle of Wight County, VA, Code of the County

Updated September 2021

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Farmland Protection

Food Systems

Agritourism | Food Systems

The county’s zoning code addresses agritourism. A section on agritourism (§4-2A001 et seq.) establishes it as a county economic development activity permitted by right to identify and promote local farm entrepreneurial efforts. The code provides a long list of definitions for agritourism-related terms and uses. It lists permitted agritourism activities and required provisions and conditions for those uses, including produce sales, farm stays, farm temporary events, wineries or breweries, and special events. It also lists permitted ancillary agritourism activities permitted on farms. The code establishes minimum area, width, and setback requirements for agritourism uses.

Farmland Protection

The county’s zoning code addresses farmland protection. The Rural Residential district (§4-3001 et seq.) is intended to allow for limited low-density residential development in the rural agricultural conservation area while protecting rural character and preserving open space and productive farmlands. Residential development in this district must meet either cluster development (with density bonus) or sliding scale zoning requirements, and development is encouraged to locate in woodland areas and on the least productive agricultural lands.

Isle of Wight, VA

2010 Population: 35,270

2010 Population Density: 111.75/square mile