Red Hook, NY, Municipal Code

Updated November 2020

By: Town of Red Hook, NY
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Agritourism | Food Systems

The town’s zoning code addresses agritourism. It establishes an Agricultural Business District (§143-39.1) to enhance agricultural uses and conserve a critical mass of farmland within the town.

The district permits a wide range of agriculture-related uses, including seasonal u-pick operations, winery/brewery/distillery/cider mill with tasting room, and greenhouses, as well as accessory uses including farm markets, farm industries, roadside stands, small restaurants, and accessory agritourism uses such as educational experiences, bakeries, bed and breakfasts, petting zoos, seasonal mazes, hayrides, special events, and small-scale entertainment.

Special permitted uses requiring major site plan review include lodging, large restaurants, museums or agricultural learning institutions, large-scale entertainment, farmers markets, outdoor recreation facilities, wholesale agricultural distribution, and water bottling plants. The code also provides area/bulk and site design standards.

Farmland Protection

The town’s municipal code addresses farmland protection in its zoning ordinance. The zoning code establishes the Agricultural Business District to protect land for agricultural purposes (§143-39.1). A findings and purpose section establishes the importance and value of farming to the town, and the code establishes applicability criteria and lists permitted and special uses within the district. A wide range of farming and related agribusiness and agritourism primary and accessory uses are permitted.

The ordinance lays out three options for permitted development potential for lands within the district: a conservation option that includes a purchase of development rights density bonus; a limited development option that allows for density transfers; and a 40-acre option that allows the subdivision of a 40-acre parcel from a lot 100 acres or greater in size. All new residential development within the AB district must meet conservation subdivision requirements; important farmland must be preserved to the greatest extent possible; and residentials structures must be located according to a list of criteria that prioritizes protecting the most fertile soils and minimizing conflict between residential development and farming activities. Partial subdivision of a parcel is permitted with the development of a farmland protection plan.

Red Hook, NY

2010 Population: 11,319

2010 Population Density: 312.95/square mile