Suffolk County, NY, Code of Ordinances

Updated November 2013

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Agritourism | Food Systems

The county’s code addresses agritourism within its development of agricultural land chapter, which addresses farmland protection. A section on agricultural tourism (§8-11) allows certain such activities on agricultural lands in conjunction with an active farming operation: U-Pick operations, crop mazes, hayrides, and agricultural educational tours. The code also allows for farm stands and processing facilities on farm operations (§8-12) and provides detailed standards for these uses.

Farmland Protection

The county addresses farmland protection in a chapter within its code of ordinances. Chapter 8, Agricultural Land, Development of, establishes the goal of conserving and protecting viable farmlands to preserve a minimum threshold of acreage in active agricultural production to sustain the industry.

The policy includes a lengthy list of defined terms (§8-2) and establishes a Farmland Committee (§8-3). The ordinance establishes a purchase of development rights (PDR) program for the county and sets out procedures for the application process (§8-5). Agricultural development permits are required for actions proposed on agricultural lands, and special use permits are required for site disturbances and special events on agricultural lands (§8-8). The code also addresses agritourism (§8-11), farm stands and processing facilities (§8-12), and alternative energy systems (§8-13).

Suffolk, NY

2010 Population: 1,493,350

2010 Population Density: 1,637.35/square mile