Surry County, NC, Code of Ordinances


By: Surry County Plng & Devel.
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Agritourism | Food Systems

The county’s zoning ordinance addresses agritourism. It defines several related terms, including agricultural cultural center, agritainment, and agritourism, as well as farm-based tourism enterprises such as farm markets, homegrown restaurants, and participatory farms (§154.011).

Agricultural cultural centers,  agritainment, and farm-based tourism enterprises are conditional uses in the rural agricultural and conservation protection districts, and are permitted in business districts (§154.160). The code provides supplemental requirements for agricultural cultural centers,  agritainment, and farm-based tourism enterprises, as well as for wineries and wine-tasting rooms, as specific conditional uses (§154.202). Standards address minimum lot area, setbacks, storage areas, screening, lighting, retail sales, noise, and festivals.

Surry, NC

2010 Population: 73,673

2010 Population Density: 138.44/square mile