Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization Scenario Planning Peer Exchange Workshop Report

November 2014

By: FHWA, Office of Planning

Scenario Planning

This report summarizes noteworthy practices and key recommendations shared during a scenario planning workshop, hosted by the Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization. Individual sections address federal perspectives on scenario planning, trends in the region, peer approaches to scenario planning, group exercises, and discussions.

Charles City, VA

2010 Population: 7,256

2010 Population Density: 39.69/square mile

Chesterfield, VA

2010 Population: 316,236

2010 Population Density: 747.08/square mile

Goochland, VA

2010 Population: 21,717

2010 Population Density: 77.17/square mile

Hanover, VA

2010 Population: 99,863

2010 Population Density: 213.14/square mile

Henrico, VA

2010 Population: 306,935

2010 Population Density: 1,313.39/square mile

New Kent, VA

2010 Population: 18,429

2010 Population Density: 87.87/square mile

Powhatan, VA

2010 Population: 28,046

2010 Population Density: 107.78/square mile

Richmond, VA

2010 Population: 204,214

2010 Population Density: 3,414.66/square mile