New York, NY, Climate Resiliency Design Guidelines

September 2020

By: City of New York
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Table of Contents

Hazard Mitigation

This guide is designed to help agencies in New York City design resilient public facilities. Individual sections address climate change in New York City; the useful life of capital projects; defining “critical facilities” and “major facilities;” managing uncertainty; project-specific considerations; resilient design for increasing heat, precipitation and sea-level rise; resilient design processes; exposure screening; risk assessment methodology; and benefit-cost analysis methodology.

Urban Heat Resilience

This guide provides information to help integrate climate concerns into the design of facilities in the city of New York. Section 2 discusses resilient design to help address urban heat, increasing precipitation, and sea-level rise. And section 3 presents a resilient design process that includes risk assessment and a cost-benefit analysis.

New York, NY

2010 Population: 8,175,133

2010 Population Density: 27,012.46/square mile