Eat and Play on Your Street: Resilient Public Spaces

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CM | 0.75

Learning Outcomes

  • Grasp the technical aspects of reworking a current ROW.
  • Learn how a community transformed for health and social reasons during a pandemic.
  • Understand the economic impact of open-air public space.

More Course Details

The COVID-19 pandemic effectively closed downtown Pittsburgh in spring 2020. Case studies show how the municipality, business improvement district, state and federal departments of transportation, local businesses, and a consulting firm responded, working together to rapidly transform roadways into public spaces.

Two case studies cover the key actors and design decisions that made the successful transformation of Penn Avenue and Allegheny Overlook happen in record time. Presenters offer insights into how these reimagined spaces affected the social, health, and economic resiliency of Pittsburgh’s downtown, and suggest how you can apply similar strategies in your community.