APA Library

The American Planning Association Library, located at our Chicago office, is open by appointment to members, students, academics, and interested citizens. On-site visitors have access to the library's full holdings, which include:

  • More than 6,000 volumes on planning and allied fields
  • Several hundred new titles added each year
  • More than 60 journals and newsletters to which APA subscribes
  • Complete sets of all APA serial publications, including Planning magazine, the Journal of the American Planning Association, and many division newsletters

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Looking to schedule a visit or ask a general question about the library? Contact the librarian at library@planning.org.

100 Essential Books of Planning (1909–2009)

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the American planning movement, APA created a list of books essential to planning. These books come from every decade starting in 1909, the date of the first national planning conference.

Suggested Readings for the AICP Comprehensive Planning Examination

Taking the AICP Comprehensive Planning Examination? Check out our list of recommended readings.

History of the APA Library


Founded as the Joint Reference Library of the:

  • International City Management Association
  • Public Administration Clearing House
  • American Municipal Association
  • American Legislators' Association
  • American Public Welfare Association
  • Municipal Finance Officers' Association


1313 E. 60th St., Chicago

Library building constructed at 1313 E. 60th St. on the University of Chicago campus

Named Merriam Center Library for U. of C. political scientist Charles E. Merriam

American Society of Planning Officials (ASPO) joined the library group

Merriam Center Library, housed at 1313 E. 60th St., Chicago, 1938–95


ASPO merged with the American Institute of Planners to form the American Planning Association (APA)


APA relocated to 122 S. Michigan Ave., taking the library with it 


Library moved with APA to 205 N. Michigan Ave.