Plan4Health logoAPA's widely successful Plan4Health program continued to promote planning for healthy communities and chronic disease prevention in 2017 with Planners4Health. By bridging APA chapters and divisions, Planners4Health offered a new approach to advancing practice at the intersection of public health and planning.

Participating APA chapters created cross-disciplinary task forces to further develop policies, partnerships, and place-based programs connecting health and planning in states and regions. The program served both as an opportunity to disseminate lessons learned from previous Plan4Health work and a chance to sustain the health agenda within APA.

Planners4Health Curriculum

A cornerstone of Planners4Health is a six-part curriculum series guiding members through each step of the project.

Session One: Assessing the Healthy Communities Landscape

Session Two: What We Measure Matters: Metrics, Data, Sources, and Methodologies

Session Three: Applying an Equity Lens

Session Four: Building Coalitions and Engaging the Community (closed session for grantees at NPC)

Session Five: Communications: Framing, Messaging, and Marketing

Session Six: Sustaining Momentum

APA is grateful for support from Prevention Institute to develop this series. Prevention Institute is a nonprofit organization based in Oakland, California, bringing cutting-edge research, practice, and analysis to today's most pressing health and safety concerns.


The Plan4Health project leverages planners' roles as collaborators and conveners to improve health outcomes. Anchored by American Planning Association (APA) chapters and American Public Health Association (APHA) affiliates, Plan4Health supports creative partnerships to build sustainable, cross-sector coalitions.

Plan4Health is supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and managed through APA's Planning and Community Health Center