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Information Report No. 192 November 1964

Periodicals for Planning Agencies

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There are an enormous number of periodicals that regularly, or frequently, contain articles and information of interest to those in the planning field. The 175 or more regularly received in the ASPO office are only a partial listing of potential material. This report provides a basic reference list of 37 periodicals, chosen on the basis of the amount of material contributing to planning theory and practice, or supplying important background information on current ideas and developments in closely related fields.

There are a number of very excellent periodicals issued by local and state planning agencies and by private associations, but they are omitted from the list because, for the most part, they cover primarily local issues and developments and are not intended for national circulation. Also, to keep the list within bounds, it was necessary to eliminate a number of periodicals that deal with very specialized urban problems or techniques.

The periodicals are listed in alphabetical order. Subscription prices quoted for the professional journals are rates for non-members. All inquiries should be directed to the publishers listed.

THE AMERICAN CITY. Of particular interest is the regular section on planning and zoning court decisions edited by Norman Williams, Jr. This journal includes news briefs and short articles on municipal management and engineering subjects, many written by municipal officials and employees; occasional special studies by the editors; a conference calendar; and a
book section.

Published since 1909. Illustrated. Monthly. Annual subscription, $7.00. Single copies, $1.00. Buttenheim Publishing Corporation, 757 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017.
[Ceased publication in 1975]

AMERICAN SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW. Each issue deals with a particular theme. Sometimes only one or two articles, sometimes several, are of direct interest to planners and contribute to planning theory.

Published since 1936. Bi-monthly. Annual subscription, $10.00. Single copies, $2.50. American Sociological Review, 49 Sheridan Avenue, Albany, N. Y.
[Still in publication;]

ANNALS OF THE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN GEOGRAPHERS. Occasional articles deal directly with urban analysis; others are indirectly related.

Published since 1911. Illustrated. Quarterly. Annual subscription, $10.00. Association of American Geographers, 1146 Sixteenth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036.
[Still in publication;]

THE APPRAISAL JOURNAL. Usually contains two or three well-written articles
of special interest to planners, as well as articles on real estate practice, law, and economics that vary from discussion of general problems to case studies on real estate development. There are also reports on trends and book reviews.

Published since 1932. Quarterly. Annual subscription, $7.00. Single copies, $2.50. American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers, 36 South Wabash, Chicago, Ill. 60603.
[Still in publication, now published by the Appraisal Institute; ]

ARCHITECTURAL RECORD. Material specifically directed to problems of urban design and land planning is frequently included in addition to articles on architecture and specific projects.

Published since 1891. Illustrated. Monthly. Annual subscription, $5.50. Single copies, $2.00. F. W. Dodge Corporation, McGraw-Hill Bldg., 330 West 42nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10036.
[Still in publication; ]

ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW. This British architectural publication devotes a great deal of space to civic design. Outrage and Counterattack, the famous books attacking civic ugliness, originated in this magazine and are continued, with excellent illustrations, as a regular department each month.

Published since 1896. Illustrated. Monthly. Annual subscription, $10.50. Architectural Press, 9-13 Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster, London, S.W. l, England.
[Still in publication;]

COMMUNITY PLANNING REVIEW. The journal of the Community Planning Association of Canada, which provides excellent essays, informational material on Canadian urban and rural developments, and book reviews and announcements of new publications. It includes announcements of job openings. Text and title in both English and French.

Published since 1951. Illustrated. Annual subscription, $3.00. Single copies, 75 cents. Community Planning Association of Canada, 425 Gloucester Street, Ottawa 4, Ontario, Canada.
[Ceased publication in 1973]

ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY. About half of the descriptive studies and articles are directly concerned with urban affairs and in most issues this material is of interest to planners. Book reviews are given.

Published since 1925. Illustrated. Quarterly. Annual subscription, $8.00. Single copies, $2.25. Clark University, Worcester, Mass. 01610.
[Still in publication; ]

EKISTICS. Broad international coverage, especially for underdeveloped countries, is provided in condensations, reviews and translations of published technical material on urban and rural planning and housing and on "ekistics" (the science of human settlements), the planning philosophy of publisher Constantinos Doxiadis. There are also book reviews.

Illustrated. Monthly. Annual subscription, $6.00. Doxiadis Associates, 24 Strate Syndesmou, Athens 136, Greece.
[Still in publication; ]

FLORIDA PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT. The thoughtful analyses of planning and zoning policy and techniques and the book reviews, written in the lively style of publisher Frederick Bair, Jr., have given this periodical an international circulation.

Published since 1949. Illustrated. Monthly. Annual subscription, $5.00. Single copies, $1.00. P. O. Box 828, Auburndale, Fla. 33823.
[later published by Florida Atlantic University, became Florida Environmental and Urban Issues; ceased publication in 1987]

THE GEOGRAPHICAL REVIEW. Especially relevant are the book reviews. Articles on urban geography appear in most issues.

Published since 1916. Illustrated. Quarterly. Annual subscription, $9.50. Single copies, $2.50. American Geographical Society, Broadway at l56th Street, New York, N.Y. 10032.
[Still in publication;]

HABITAT. Essays and articles emphasizing Canadian planning, housing, and urban renewal are well written and aimed at both laymen and professionals. Some articles are in French.

Published since 1958. Illustrated. Bi-monthly. Free. Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
[ceased publication in 1984]

HISTORIC PRESERVATION. This is the major source of information on historic buildings and sites, legislation, and the activities of public and private groups concerned with preservation. It includes reprints and condensations of articles published elsewhere as well as original material and book reviews.

Published since 1940. Illustrated. Bi-monthly. Annual subscription to libraries only, $3.00; or through membership. National Trust for Historic Preservation, 815 17th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006.
[became Preservation in 1996;]

HOUSE AND HOME. Although primarily devoted to design, construction, and technological developments in home building, the feature stories on land development problems and news section are frequently of value to planners.

Published since 1952. Illustrated. Monthly. Annual subscription, $6.00. Single copies, $1.00. McGraw-Hill, Inc., 330 West 42nd Street, New York, N.Y. 10036.
[Ceased publication in 1977]

JOURNAL OF THE AIR POLLUTION CONTROL ASSOCIATION. Technical articles on methods and analyses of pollution abatement, news and reports, provide a good reference source.

Published since 1951. Illustrated. Monthly. Annual subscription, $15.00. Air Pollution Control Association, 4400 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213.
[Ceased publication in 1987]

JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTS. Excellent material — probably the best — on all aspects of urban design is included in this handsome, well-written journal. It also contains essays and news on urbanism.

Published since 1944. Illustrated. Monthly. Annual subscription, $5.00. American Institute of Architects, Octagon, 1735 New York Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006.
[Ceased publication in 1983]

JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUE OF PLANNERS. Outstanding for publication of articles on planning theory and for critical book reviews, it also includes good essays on planning practices and specific problems, and a list of current periodical literature.

Published since 1917. Illustrated. Quarterly. Annual subscription, $8.00. Single copies, $2.50. American Institute of Planners, 917 Fifteenth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005.
[Became JAPA in 1979]

JOURNAL OF HOUSING. This is the major source of information on local programs, federal legislation, and HHFA administrative policy in the field of housing, urban redevelopment, and urban renewal. It includes book reviews and job announcements.

Published since 1944. Illustrated. 11 issues per year. Annual subscription, $6.00. Single copies, $2.00. National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials, 1413 K Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005.
[Ceased publication in 1994]

JOURNAL OF REGIONAL SCIENCE. Highly technical research articles on the structure, function, and operation of regions, from an economic, social and political standpoint are presented with extensive references. It includes book reviews.

Two or more issues per year. Annual subscription, $5.00. Regional Science Research Institute, G.P.O. Box 8776, Philadelphia, Pa. 15201.
[Still in publication;]

JOURNAL OF THE TOWN PLANNING INSTITUTE (BRITAIN). Well prepared articles on planning theory and practice are published, plus commentary, book reviews, and announcements of job openings.

Published since 1914. 10 issues per year. Annual subscription, about $4.50. Town Planning Institute, 18 Ashley Place, Victoria, London, S.W. 1, England.
[became Journal of the Royal Town Planning Institute in 1971; ceased publication in 1973]

LAND ECONOMICS. This provides a wide variety of scholarly articles on the land economics of planning, housing, and public utilities. Every issue contains subject matter pertinent to planning and good references.

Published since 1925. Quarterly. Annual subscription, $8.00. University of Wisconsin, Sterling Hall, Madison, Wis. 53706.
[Still in publication;]

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE. The journal of the landscape architect profession includes feature articles on land planning projects ranging from parks and golf courses to university campuses and renewal sites, and on urban aesthetics.

Published since 1910. Illustrated. Quarterly. Annual subscription, $5.00. Single copies, $2.00. Circulation Manager, 344 South Peterson Avenue, Louisville, Ky. 40206.
[Still in publication, now Landscape Architecture Magazine;]

NATION'S CITIES. Municipal problems and activities and news briefs of general interest to public officials are reported in this enlarged and renamed magazine of the American Municipal Association.

Published since 1963. Illustrated. Monthly. Annual subscription, $6.00. Single copies, 75 cents. American Municipal Association, 1612 K Street, Washington, D.C. 20006.
[Became Nation’s Cities Weekly in 1978; ceased print publication in 2012]

PLAN CANADA. A publication of the professional planners, which deals with planning practice and theory and includes news items, editorials, and book reviews.

Illustrated. Issued irregularly. Single copies for nonmembers, $2.50. Town Planning Institute of Canada, 11 Adelaide Street West, Toronto 1, Ontario, Canada.
[still in publication; Town Planning Institute of Canada renamed the Canadian Institute of Planners in 1974.]

PLANNING AND CIVIC COMMENT. This is a source of information on parks, conservation, beautification, and on the activities of civic groups in these fields and in planning.

Published since 1935. Quarterly. Annual subscription, $5.00. American Planning and Civic Association, Publication Office, 901 Union Trust Building, Washington, D.C. 20005.
[Ceased publication in 1965]

PROGRESSIVE ARCHITECTURE. Occasional planning articles are included, plus all aspects of architecture, and book reviews.

Published since 1920. Illustrated. Monthly. Annual subscription, $5.00. Reinhold Publishing Corporation, 430 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022.
[Ceased publication in 1995]

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION REVIEW. Theory and practice of public administration at all levels of government are covered, and some of the material is of direct interest to planners.

Published since 1940. Quarterly. Annual subscription, $15.00. Single copies, $4.00. American Society for Public Administration, 1329 18th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036.
[Still in publication; ]

PUBLIC MANAGEMENT. A variety of urban problems and practices is covered in articles, news briefs, and book notes, primarily from a practical rather than theoretical point of view.

Published since 1919. Illustrated. Monthly. Annual subscription, $4.00. Single copies, 50 cents. International City Managers' Association, 1313 East 60th Street, Chicago, Ill. 60637.
[Still in publication;]

RECENT PUBLICATIONS ON GOVERNMENTAL PROBLEMS. This is a listing of new materials received by the Thirteen-Thirteen Joint Reference Library from its member organizations, and of current articles from magazines and professional journals. Subjects include the fields of planning, housing and urban renewal, city management, public works, finance, taxation, assessing, welfare, personnel, public administration.

Published since 1933. Weekly. Annual subscription, $10.00. Joint Reference Library, 1313 East 60th Street, Chicago, Ill. 60637.
[ceased publication in 1991]

RECREATION. Provides non-technical coverage of parks and recreation facilities and programming, news, views, book reviews, and information on job openings.

Published since 1907. Illustrated. 10 issues per year. Annual subscription, $5.00. Single copies, 60 cents. National Recreation Association, 8 West Eighth Street, New York, N.Y. 10011.
[Ceased publication in 1965]

RESEARCH DIGEST. The well edited abstracts of urban and regional research studies sponsored by state and federal agencies, universities, and foundations provide information on projects recently initiated, projects underway on which significant progress or findings can be reported, and projects recently completed. Sponsored by the Urban Planning Research Group.

Semi-annually. $4.00 to individuals; $6.00 to organizations. Bureau of Community Planning, University of Illinois, 1202 West California Avenue, Urbana, Ill.
[became Quarterly Digest of Urban and Regional Research in 1968; ceased publication in 1971]

TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING. This spritely British planning magazine edited by Sir Frederick Osborn provides short articles, news, commentary, quotes, and book reviews that deserve to be widely read.

Published since 1904. Illustrated. Monthly. Annual subscription, $5.00. Single copies, 50 cents. Editorial Offices, 28 King Street, Covent Garden, WC2, London.
[Still in publication; ]

THE TOWN PLANNING REVIEW. Published by the Department of Civic Design at the University of Liverpool, this covers both general research and analyses and specific projects. Includes an editorial, several book reviews, and a books received column.

Published since 1910. Illustrated. Quarterly. $1.75 per copy. Liverpool University Press, Liverpool 3, England.
[Still in publication; article&id=57:town-planning-review&catid=8]

TRAFFIC ENGINEERING. Articles of a technical or semi-technical character on traffic engineering and related subjects are frequently of interest to planners.

Published since 1930. Illustrated. Monthly. Annual subscription, $4.50. Single copies, 50 cents. Institute of Traffic Engineers, 1725 DeSales Street, Suite 506, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036.
[Ceased publication in 1977]

TRAFFIC QUARTERLY. Documented articles on theories and practices in urban traffic problems, primarily those associated with highways and rapid transit, provide a major source of such information.

Published since 1947. No book reviews, few illustrations. Quarterly. Free. The Eno Foundation for Highway Traffic Control, Inc., Saugatuck, Conn.
[Ceased publication in 1981]

TRANS-ACTION. A promising new periodical that intends to publicize practical research in sociology, psychology, political science, economics, and anthropology that might otherwise be noted only by specialists. Articles are nontechnical and written by experts in the various fields. A publication of the Community Leadership Project of Washington University.

Published since 1963. Bi-monthly. Annual subscription, $3.50. Single copies, 75 cents. Circulation Department, Trans-action, Box 43, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. 63130.
[Ceased publication in 1971]

ZONING DIGEST. The national periodical concerned exclusively with zoning law.
Summarizes every nationally reported zoning decision of state and federal appellate courts. Carries articles on special zoning problems.

Published since 1949. 11 issues per year. Annual subscription $100. American Society of Planning Officials, 1313 East 60th Street, Chicago., Ill. 60637.
[became Land Use Law & Zoning Digest in 1974; became Planning & Environmental Law in 2004; ceased publication in 2015]

Copyright, American Society of Planning Officials, 1964.