Coordinating Local Planning Initiatives Through a Regional Platform

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Certification Maintenance

CM | 0.75

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how a regional council of governments created a more collaborative environment to design and share planning initiatives with neighboring municipalities and counties.
  • Understand how planners without GIS expertise can use web-based GIS tools to create policies and design developments.
  • Promote effective engagement among governments in a way that optimizes planning workflows and promotes sustainable development strategies.

More Course Details

City and county planning departments often work in silos without an effective way to share planning initiatives with neighboring municipalities and counties. Data sharing is not enabled.

Discover how to use a single web-based platform to empower secure and efficient data-sharing between municipalities and regional planning agencies, measure the cumulative regional impacts of proposed developments, and coordinate efforts among stakeholders. This promotes more sustainable development on a regional level, not just locally.

Planners can use this technology to empower all types of communities, regardless of size or income level. The tools enable a data-driven approach to policy-making and design that helps an entire region achieve more sustainable and equitable growth.