Lead with Listening: A Guidebook for Climate Migration

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the history, concepts, and ideas behind "Lead with Listening: A Guidebook for Community Conversations on Climate Migration."
  • Understand the work of the Climigration Network and how the guidebook advances the goal of promoting justice and equity in climate-induced relocation planning.
  • Discover best practices based on pilot projects in communities on the front lines of climate-induced relocation and see how they can inform climate adaptation planning.

More Course Details

Climate-induced relocation is occurring in Alaskan native villages, islands disappearing off the coast of Louisiana, and suburban California towns recently highlighted on "This American Life." It will affect millions of people in the coming decades. As entire communities face the prospect of relocating households and businesses due to sea-level rise, flooding, or wildfire, thinking about "managed retreat" in a way that promotes justice and does not reproduce historical inequities is vital.

Developed by a unique group of collaborators from diverse backgrounds, "Lead with Listening" is an effort to make sure no one is left behind. It equips planners and others with tools to support communities as they make existential decisions. Presenters explain guidebook development and highlight important issues in the managed-retreat discussion that the Climigration Network and the guidebook in particular are intended to address. They introduce pilot projects using the guidebook with several predominately black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) communities, and mention other communities on the front lines of climate-induced relocation.

"Lead with Listening" was specifically designed to advance innovative methods for inclusive and equitable community planning in climate-induced relocation — buyouts and "managed retreats."