Winning Strategies for State Zoning Reform

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Learning Outcomes

  • Build more effective planning-led coalitions in support of state zoning reform legislation.
  • Communicate the planning perspective and value more effectively to state leaders and zoning reform advocates.
  • Identify specific options for advancing zoning reform, including non-legislative opportunities.


States continue to be on the frontlines of zoning reform. Parking minimums, ADUs, and zoning are major issues in state legislatures. Some states are passing new legislation and others are implementing recently enacted laws. Get firsthand status reports from the frontlines in California, Maine, and Oregon. Find out what's being done, the implications for planning, and successful legislative and communication approaches. Planners are leading state zoning reform as this issue continues to grab attention and headlines.

This presentation will examine differing approaches that reflect local political climates and how states that previously passed legislation are moving toward implementation. These new laws have significant implications for planning and are serving as models for other states. State leaders and housing experts will examine the politics and policies of state zoning reform around the country and discuss how planning and planners can influence this critical debate. Gain insights into the messages, coalitions, and politics of successful zoning reform campaigns. Experts will discuss how the upcoming elections may affect state approaches to zoning reform and affordable housing policy.