Prioritizing Transit and Freight on a Key Arterial

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Learning Outcomes

  • Consider the physical and operational changes necessary to convert a vehicle arterial into a transit- and freight-focused mobility corridor.
  • Develop comprehensive multimodal transportation monitoring programs to track and analyze the effects of projects on all roadway users.
  • Apply strategies for community engagement and techniques to balance varying feedback from stakeholders.

Course Details

Historically, congestion along 14th Street resulted in persistently delayed buses and high crash rates along much of the corridor. To address these issues, in October 2019, the city implemented the 14th Street Busway to improve bus operations ahead of a disruptive subway construction project. The goals were to enhance safety on a Vision Zero priority corridor and maintain the street as an important truck route. The project restricted vehicles from much of 14th Street and prioritized buses and trucks. It employed a comprehensive program of enhanced bus operations (e.g. off-board fare collection), roadway markings, signage changes, signal modifications, physical changes (e.g. curb extensions and bus-boarding platforms), enforcement, and public engagement.

Pushback from community members concerned about reduced vehicle and parking access delayed the project. Ultimately, it was implemented as a pilot, and the city committed to detailed monitoring before making permanent changes. Careful tracking of post-implementation effects showed faster buses, significantly higher ridership, fewer crashes, soaring bike activity, and limited traffic disruptions on adjacent streets. Following robust community and business engagement that included public meetings and multiple surveys, the project was made permanent in 2020.