Zoom Town Inspiration: Implementing Affordability, Accessibility, and Equity

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Learning Outcomes

  • Assess Zoom Town efforts and urban flight through the lenses of affordability, accessibility, and equity.
  • Identify opportunities to develop creative partnerships as viable ways to address growth.
  • Consider the use of effective data collection paired with meaningful community engagement.

Course Details

COVID-19 challenged traditional city-planning timelines, funding mechanisms, decision-making models, and engagement strategies. These challenges were arguably most acute in small communities that boast a high quality of life, access to the outdoors, and a lower cost of living than major metropolitan areas. This presentation covers the difficulties small communities are faced with as post-pandemic urban flight continues to increase demands for workers, housing, retail, and transportation.

Presenters explore the intersectionality of affordability, equity, and accessibility by focusing on three cities with similar stories about unprecedented growth and change. They reflect on different responses to challenges and share successful partnerships and shovel-ready solutions that can be applied in communities large and small. A panel discussion concludes the presentation.