Planning February 2014

Planning February 2014

PlanningWinning the Subsidy Game

Incentives to lure business aren't all they're cracked up to be, and now some places are evening the score. W. Zachary Malinowski reports.

Uncovering Forgotten Landscapes

Chris Tramutola tracks the movement to daylight streams. In Planning Practice.

Making Way for 'Makers'

New — smaller, nichier — industry is taking over old manufacturing sites. JoAnn Greco surveys the scene; Margot Lederer Prado provides a sidebar.

Sweden, the Green Giant

Walker Wells describes the place where "sustainability" means collaboration.

Life Takes Place on Foot

Jonathan Barnett explains Danish architect Jan Gehl's campaign to make cities safe and attractive for walking — and for cycling.

Sustainable Development Metrics

An excerpt from a new APA Planners Press book describes how to assess project feasibility with design, development, and regulation in mind. By David Godschalk and Emil Malizia.


A regular column by APA's CEO, Paul Farmer.


D.C. height limits, New England energy.

Legal News

Bay pollution, light rail.

The Commissioner

A new bimonthly department aimed at planning commissioners, edited by Carolyn Torma.

By the Numbers

Statistics in the news. This month: The 2014 Winter Olympics.

Research You Can Use

Reid Ewing on observation (and seating).


Partisan or not?

Planners Library

Landscape design, suburban activism.


The right answer to the wrong question.

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