Planning July 2017

Planning July 2017

Millennials are making their mark

Planning ain’t what it used to be! The profession is getting a major refresh as a new generation of planners — with a new generation of ideas — moves in with gusto. Find out where they’re headed in July’s cover story, “A New Course.”

Featured Articles

A New Course

Millennials are front and center in the workforce — and redefining what it means to be a planner. Story by Ryan Holeywell, with sidebars from Bobbie Albrecht.

Planning Ethics and You

Patricia E. Salkin identifies the keys to maintaining professional credibility in the public arena.

Nothing Lite About It

For a cheaper alternative to light rail, cities are jumping on bus rapid transit. Jake Blumgart takes us along for the ride.

Big Plans for Little Parks

What does it take to transform on-street parking into park space? Ariel Ben-Amos and T. Andrew Simpson translate the data behind successful parklets. Sidebars by Ellen Ryan.

Infrastructure of Opportunity

After four decades of growth and revitalization, Chattanooga isn’t finished. The startup capital of the Southeast has one last asset to develop: its people. Story by Lawrence Richter Quinn.


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