Planning May 2018

Planning May 2018

Special Transportation Issue

Planning's annual transportation issue arrives at a time when rapid economic, climate, and technological changes preclude planners from relying on past patterns to prepare their communities for the future. May's stories look around — at innovative communities that already use new data and technologies to improve mobility — and ahead to communities potentially characterized by fully autonomous shuttles, infrastructure-connected vehicles, and even passenger drones.

Featured Articles

Best-Case Scenario Planning

Lisa Nisenson provides strategies for incorporating tomorrow’s transportation in today’s plans. Sidebar by Jennifer Henaghan.

Planning on the Cellular Level

Smartphones are driving the Lake Tahoe region toward its first multimodal transportation plan. Story by Cynthia Albright.

Paving the Way

Alan Rider provides a primer on pavement.


Arthur C. Nelson brings us up to speed on connected vehicles.

Full Speed Ahead?

High-speed rail keeps chugging along in California, writes Kristen Pope.

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