Planning April 2020

Planning April 2020

Drones, delivery bots, and AI — e-commerce trends are rapidly emerging. In April's Planning magazine, find out what these changes can mean for land-use and infrastructure planning. The new generation of fast food is replacing the standard car-centric prototype. What's driving this trend, and is it here to stay? New coding technologies can help solve planning challenges ranging from internal processes to visualizations.

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Is Fast-Food Through With Drive-Thrus?

A new generation of fast-food restaurants is replacing the familiar car-centric prototype. What's driving this trend, and is it here to stay? Brian Barth reports.

Up to Code

Coding technology is providing new, more efficient solutions to planning challenges. Story by Jake Blumgart. PLUS: Get started with these three programming languages.

Primed for Deliveries

Planning for e-commerce is more than figuring out how goods get delivered. Planner Lisa Nisenson explores how emerging trends and technologies are signaling big changes for land-use and infrastructure planning. PLUS: Allons-Y! Land-Use Plans for Freight in Paris.


When the Show Can’t Go On

A backstage pass to a new festival in Virginia Beach, and a look at why community gatherings will be even more important after COVID-19.

The Countdown to Cash

Local planners around the country are working to reach their hardest-to-count populations to secure federal resources.nd without an accompanying sale or lawsuit.

School Planning Is Community Planning

Saralee Morrissey: "[W]e need to encourage intergovernmental collab

States Won't Wait for Disasters Anymore

Lawmakers across the country are calling for huge investments now to mitigate the effects of disasters later.

Et Cetera

Chicago heat wave disaster documentary and cultural exhibits in Houston.

Tools for the Trade

Legal Lessons

A recent federal circuit court decision on a Hawaii case reveals a growing split in the evaluation of takings claims.

The Commissioner

Historic preservation and lessons from a planner-commissioner.

Planners Library

A new book on quantitative research methods for planners, reviews of four additional books, and e-book suggestions.ur additional books, and e-book suggestions.

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APA Task Force Chair Barry Nocks: "What knowledge, skills, and abilities will planners need to be successful in the next decade?"


Profiles of three contributors to this issue: Brian Barth, Lisa Nisenson, and Robert H. Thomas.


Readers comment on Planning's new design, nightlife cities, Great Lakes, and the planning canon

Great Places

The Neponset River Greenway in Boston and Milton, Massachusetts, is a celebrated 4.5-mile riverfront path of trails, overlooks, and bridges.

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