Planning November 2020

Planning November 2020

In November's Planning magazine, dive into how drones can support more intelligent, more informed, and more inclusive planning. Drones are opening new avenues in transportation, particularly as a tool for visual storytelling, monitoring, and data collection. Then, read five tips on how to make more accessible housing — from boosting federal requirements to universal design. As financial structure of state and local governments has been bashed by COVID-19, there is an opportunity to reinvent how we pay for the peerless cities we plan.

Featured Articles

The Call for a New Fiscal Architecture

As state and local governments grapple with the fiscal challenges posed by the pandemic, we have a once-in-a century opportunity to reinvent how we pay for all our communities’ needs. Story by Michael Pagano.

Five Ways to Plan for More Accessible Housing

Steve Wright offers recommendations to better prepare America's housing stock for the 25 percent of U.S. residents who will experience a disability that will impact their daily life.

Air Support for Transportation Planning

Drones present a fresh perspective and new possibilities for intelligent, informed, and inclusive transportation planning. Planners Niek Veraart, David Reel, and Alicia McConnell report.


When Crisis Becomes the Status Quo

As disasters pummel much of the U.S., affordability and shortage issues are starting to look like the norm.

Elevating Black Voices in Planning

A new podcast is building awareness and community.

Building Connections with Clear Communication

Mary Jane Nirdlinger: "Many of our workplaces [write] in cumbersome, legalistic, technical language. It's time we change that."

Keeping Rural Water Running

Economic and structural weights have long left small town water utilities vulnerable. Now, the pandemic could leave them high and dry.

Et Cetera

Planning games, dwindling animal populations, and mobility and urban design podcast.

Tools for the Trade

A New Model for Town-Gown Engagement

Planners can be powerful partners to connect institutional resources with neighborhood priorities.

Planners Library

A new book about planetary health, additional reviews of books on smart cities, California, P3 products, and Iowa.

9 Tips for Promoting Gender-Inclusive Planning

Language, like planning, has the power to transform communities.

Also in This Issue


APA CEO Joel Albizo: "APA is determined to ensure we emerge from the pandemic more impactful and resilient than before."


Profiles of three contributors to this issue: Chris Gash; Meagan M. Ehlenz, AICP; and Michael A. Pagano.

Great Places in America

In Historic Downtown Delaware, Ohio, Sandusky Street's historic buildings were the inspiration for the neighborhood's renewal.

Cover: Illustration by Chris Gash.