Federal and State COVID-19 Policy Resources

Planners are uniquely positioned to help local governments respond to and recover from the extraordinary challenges presented by the pandemic. But doing so requires support from both federal and state partners.

These resources explain the substance and distribution of federal relief efforts, describe state actions to amend existing rules that adversely impact communities, and help members understand and support APA advocacy for policies that will continue to support communities in this time of need.


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Federal Resources

Planners Demand Emergency Fundindg for State, Local Governments 

Localities are temporarily reducing hours and halting contracts for essential planning services, but those changes may become permanent if communities do not receive additional, direct federal relief. 

Fighting for Federal Support: Planners Speak Out 

With budget cuts on the horizon, planners are fighting to save their jobs. Six planners make the case to Washington why more flexible federal relief for communities and states is urgent. 

Will Congress Deliver the Relief Communities Need to Avoid Fiscal Calamity? 

Municipalities are facing immense fiscal pressure in response to COVID-19 - and planners jobs may be on the line if Congress does not deliver the direct, flexible federal relief communities need now. 

APA Letter to Congress on Additional Federal Stimulus Funding

APA urges congressional leadership to prioritize aid for local governments and states, plus significant investment in infrastructure in "phase four" of stimulus funding.

How to Help Your Community Access CARES Act Aid

APA curated these federal resources to help planners learn how to quickly and easily access available federal guidance for programs and funds included in the CARES Act.

APA Joins Coalition Urging Expedited Implementation of Exchange Stabilization Fund

Relieving pressure on all types and maturities of municipal securities will help restore equilibrium across the marketplace in uncertain times.

Coronavirus Relief for Communities: APA Breaks It Down

Learn about the funding for communities and planning programs included in the March 2020 coronavirus relief bill.

Watch the APA rapid response legislative briefing from March 26, 2020:


APA Congressional Letter on COVID-19 Support for Communities

APA calls on Congress to include provisions supporting communities in stimulus legislation.

Adjusting Census 2020 Outreach to Social Distancing Restrictions

Watch one planner's approach, then see more videos from APA members about how they are conducting Census outreach.


State Resources

As States Distribute Funds, More Relief Needed for Communities

Despite differences in approach, CARES Act distribution remains the unifying issue across states. 

Supporting Local Governments in a Shifting State Landscape

How can state governments enable local governments and planners to serve their communities during this time?

The Economic State of the States

Understanding the dire economic outlook facing states will better position planners to help state leaders thoughtfully approach economic recovery.