Surface Transportation Policy Guide

APA's Surface Transportation Policy Guide identifies policy solutions for planners and local, state, and federal elected officials that address the evolving nature of transportation policy and how communities plan for regional transportation options that work for everyone.

Surface Transportation Policy Guide

Cover of APA's Surface Transportation Policy Guide.

APA's Surface Transportation Policy Guide promotes specific, actionable guidance that builds upon the policy ideas first identified in our 2010 Surface Transportation Policy Guide.

Building On

Policy Guide Working Group Chair Whit Blanton, FAICP, describes how the new guide addresses timely issues that have evolved since 2010 — like accessibility, climate change, and Vision Zero — that demanded a renewed focus, and how APA members and planners can use the guide as a tool to effect change not only at the regional level but also at the state and federal levels.


Advocate for Policies That Lead to Stronger, Resilient Communities

We work with APA members daily to influence federal and state transportation policy outcomes.

Use these APA resources to advocate for a transportation future that meets the needs of your community.

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This guide was approved by the APA Delegate Assembly on April 14, 2019, and ratified by the APA Board of Directors on May 14, 2019.