Adrian Freund, FAICP

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FAICP Statement

Adrian Freund’s service to communities across the nation, his skills at balancing competing interests and his leadership positions in the American Planning Association have been keys to his effectiveness. Adrian’s commitment to the planning profession was reflected by his energetic three-decade record of outstanding contributions at the local, state and national levels of APA. He has provided positive models of sensitive land use planning with lasting results for many communities. Inducted in 2008.

Professional Biography

Adrian Freund, FAICP has 45 years of experience in comprehensive and environmental planning at the state and local levels. Adrian's interest in environmental justice began a number of years ago. As Director of Environmental Management in Louisville, his staff worked with a coalition of citizens and industries to address a Louisville community of color impacted by chemical emissions and spills. Adrian's decade-long work with wildfire planning has brought renewed interest in the relationship of discriminatory development practices to wildfire occurrence. Unequal access to resources, opportunities and infrastructure generated momentum for a deeper look at the role of equity in disasters.