Paul Inghram, FAICP

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FAICP Statement

Paul Inghram’s leadership in growth management and sustainability has established models for building vibrant urban neighborhoods and stopping sprawl. His work has ranged from planning for small towns to leading planning for the Seattle-Tacoma metro region, covering four million people. His work, heralded as a national example, has resulted in innovations in transit-oriented development, regional planning, and environmental restoration that has elevated the practice of planning. Inghram mentors and guest lectures at the University of Washington and served as the president of the American Institute of Certified Planners (2010–2011).

About Me

Paul was honored to serve as President of the American Institute of Certified Planners and on the Board of the American Planning Association and continues to be actively involved in the planning profession. He holds a degree in planning and design from the University of Washington and an MBA from Seattle University. From hosting pizza parties for grad students and mentoring young planners to planning the next conference, he's finding ways to build the planning community.

Professional Biography

Paul Inghram has worked with tiny towns and major metro-regions to establish practical examples of how we can transform our auto-dependent communities into healthy, vibrant, more sustainable great places. Paul’s career spanned the critical period of implementation of Washington State’s Growth Management Act, first adopted in 1990. Work for cities and consulting to them, he has led important work to maintain urban growth boundaries, comprehensively plan for all communities, and protect environmental resources. Paul serves as the Director of Growth Management for the Seattle-Tacoma metro region (the Puget Sound Regional Council). By actively engaging communities throughout the region, Paul is working to build trust and support to implement the U.S.’s most ambitious plan for managing growth, building healthy communities, and responding to climate change.


137464 | University of Washington
Graduation Date: December, 1993
Degree Level: Undergraduate
Planning Degree

162072 | University of Virginia
Graduation Date: August, 2012
Degree Level: Other Degree

Seattle University
Graduation Date: June, 2006
Degree Level: Graduate
Planning Degree

Job History

Puget Sound Regional Council
Director of Growth Management
August,2015 - Present
Seattle, WA
United States

City of Bellevue
Comprehensive Planning Manager
January,2006 - August,2015
Bellevue, WA
United States

Senior Planner
January,2001 - January,2006
Seattle, WA
United States