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Jim Holway's 32 year planning career has focused on shaping growth, sustaining cities, protecting natural resources, and empowering communities. He currently directs the Western Lands and Communities program for the Sonoran Institute and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Jim has also worked for a regional council of governments, a state regulatory agency, several universities, and nonprofit organizations in Arizona, Maryland, North Carolina, California and New York. In 2010 Jim was elected to represent Maricopa County, Arizona, on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District. Jim earned his PhD and master's degree in planning from the University of North Carolina.


NC_Chapel Hill_Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Master of Regional Plannin
Graduation Date: May, 1990
Degree Level: PhD/J.D.
Planning Degree

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Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy, Lincoln Instittue of Land Policy
March,2017 - Present
Phoenix, AZ

United States