Smart Transportation Metrics for Smart Growth

PAS Memo — July-August 2016

By Chris Mitchell, Ronald Milam, AICP


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This issue of PAS Memo looks at determining transportation level of service (LOS) standards to promote smart growth goals and community values.


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July 1, 2016
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American Planning Association

About the Authors

Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell is a Principal with Fehr & Peers in San Francisco, CA. Chris has 15 years of experience in transportation planning and engineering on a wide variety of projects throughout the West Coast. Chris has extensive experience in impact evaluation for large projects throughout California, and has spoken frequently on the topic of auto level of service and is currently working with the City of San Francisco to develop and implement a new performance metric to replace auto level of service.

Ronald Milam, AICP
Ronald T. Milam, AICP, PTP is the director of evolving the status quo at Fehr & Peers and co-leads the company’s R&D. He is actively involved in a wide variety of project work but also finds time to teach transportation planning, modeling, and SB 743 courses for UC Berkeley Tech Transfer and UC Davis Extension. A unique part of Ron’s experience is thinking long-term and helping clients understand the future outcomes of their decisions. His recent work has focused on SB 743 implementation, evacuation impact analysis, and big data analysis to answer challenging transportation questions.